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loos your weight in 7 Days…

In this article I will tell you many people are worried about the fact that if we eat the less food, then our weight and extra fat will be reduced but but this is not at all if you do so. The body that you feel will feel very weak but obesity does not increase by eating more. If you do this then your body will feel very weak, but obesity does not increase by eating more.

Our weight increases due to not being properly digested,  when we eat food and go into the stomach instead of digesting it starts rotting when the food does not get digested, then problems like obesity can arise, Along with that many other diseases are catch us,  but obesity incident or reducing is not a simple task but it is not so difficult, If you decide that I have to lose weight then you have to make a change in the food that you eat first.

weight loose in 7 days

The most important thing to lose weight is to take healthy food everyday and doing exercises etc. In this post, we are going to tell you the home remedies for reducing obesity so that you can do the home remedies for reducing obesity at your own home.

  • First you have to wake up before the sun rises when you wake up before the sun rises, Then boil a glass of water and add two lemon juice in it, after adding lemon juice, put black salt according to the taste in it. This material is ready, you have to eat it like tea. But keep in mind that you will consume this tea only and only in the morning empty stomach if you eat something then do not drink it.
  • If we want to reduce obesity, we do not catch the bed immediately after eating food but we have to eat lightly, And after eating, we have to walk half an hour, after a walk, we have to take two lemon juice and black salt in the glass water to make its tea and take it.
  • Using of Apple cider Vinegar to reduce obesity.

Continue follow the above rules you will get result in 7 days and you will start loosing your weight with in 7 days.



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